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s.a.s.s. - CH02 PG26
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s.a.s.s. - CH02 PG26

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probably the most disappointing thing about living in the swamp is when people i dislike fail to drive into it and disappear forever

cleaned up the ol’ blog a little so now it’s just art and suchlike again

reblogs and text posts make it feel super cluttered and that bothers me


s.a.s.s. updates on the 20th, heracles knot updates on the 21st, and there may be an update for my hp fic soon

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so the rain storms knocked out our internet, or at least i am generously assuming that’s the case, and that is why i haven’t been online

as it stands our internet is still out, so i am at the library today to pick up a fresh mountain of books & watch some roosterteeth vids

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"sid do you actually have five bazillion projects going on at once"


i’m sorry

i should have warned you

so i’m starting to work on my hp fic again

tweaking the chapters i already have before i get to working on the next one hahahaha

lays head on desk

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this week on “wow the sketch for this panel looks odd out of context”

this week on “wow the sketch for this panel looks odd out of context”

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Rubeus Remus Potter. You were named after the only two people at Hogwarts who seemed to give shit about me, because come on who else would I name you after? A verbally abusive dickbag who was in love with my mum and gave me shit all my life and someone who convinced a bunch of children that they needed to be soldiers? What kind of awful aspirations would that make you end up having? Come on son I’m not an idiot…

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